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Weekend to Launch

48 hours to pitch, design, and create your own web based start up or project, then have it judged by a panel of awesome judges

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Why Join?

Why should you join UVic web design and web developemnt club?

Whether you're just wanting to learn, or an expert web developer or web designer there's a place for you! We hold a multitude of discussions that engage all skill levels and skill sets.


We are a group of individuals passionate about what we do.

Software engineering, business, art, economics, psychology, computer science, etc... Uvic web design and web development club attracts people from all over.


  • Talk: An introduction to Bitcoins! Jan 20th 7:00 Location: ECS A104
  • Work day: Design or work on anything + free pizza! Jan 27th 7:00 Location: ECS A104
  • Talk: An awesome talk on version control through Git! Feb 3rd 7:00 Location: ECS A104
  • Work Day: Design or work on anything! Feb 10th 7:00 Location: ECS A104
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